New Superintendents E-Journal

The AASA New Superintendents E-Journal is a quarterly electronic newsletter written specifically for those who are in their first months and years of the superintendency.

Even if you are a veteran superintendent who just landed a job in a new district, these e-journal articles provide a refresher course on issues to keep front and center during the early tenure of your new post. Bob McCord, editor.

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April 2015
"Communicating Student Achievement in a Time of Change: Assessment Can Help"; "Creating Conditions for Success for New Teachers"; "Lifelong Learning: Reflections on the AASA National Superintendent Certification Program"; "Superintendent Discourse: Considering The Perfect School Board Member". 

  January 2015
"The Power of “Process” for Superintendents"; "Why Parents Choose Virtual Education for At-Risk High School Students: How Do We Support Them?".

 October 2014
"A Road Map to National Superintendent Certification"; "Survive and Succeed: How to Make it Work With Your School Board"; "Technology in the Classroom: Necessary Not Revolutionary".

July 2014
"A Leader Please ... Finding Effective Leadership in Uncertain Times"; "The District Office's Role in Supporting Student Achievement".

April 2014
"Make Yourself at Home: Educators Helping Homeless Students"; "Seeing the Forest Through the Trees"; "Technology-rich Classrooms: How Districts Can Infuse Laptops into Classrooms in a Cost-effective Manner"; "The Superintendent and School Board Attorney: Selecting, Contracting and Working".

January 2014
"Launching Leadership"; "Superintendents Supporting High Poverty Schools: School-based Social Services Coordination"; "Teacher Ratings in a PLC World".

September 2013
"Successful District Leadership Interview With Michael Fullan"; "Considering the Community Classroom"; "Pray to our Gods: The Marginalization of Practice in Departments of Leadership and Policy".

April 2013
"From Pilot to Longitudinal Study: Positive Psychology’s Synergistic Influence on Social and Emotional Development in School Districts"; "Lessons in Leadership: Mostly Learned the Hard Way!"; "Superintendents: Modern Day “Carpetbaggers” or “Happy Wanderers?”

September 2012
"The Connection Between Desegregation and Early Childhood Or If You Build It, They Will Come"; "Cross-School Teacher Evaluation"; "Convergence of Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence and Coaching To Expand Leadership Capacity and Wellbeing in District"; "Time Saving Tips for New Superintendents: Don’t Go It Alone; Pick Up The Phone!"; "This is Not the Job I Applied For! When the Board that Hired You Doesn’t Seem to be the One You Actually Serve".

April 2012
"The Autonomy Gap: Implications for Raising Student Achievement"; "Time Saving Tips for New Superintendents: Weekly Board Communication."

January 2012
"Building a Culture of Trust"; "Engaged Citizenship Through e-Service Learning"; "Living the Superintendency."

September 2011
"Addressing the Student Readiness Gap," "Be Available, Be Personable, But Don’t Take It Personally," "Get a G.R.I.P. on District Office Dynamics: You Need Grit, Relationships, Interactions, and Presence."

July 2011
"The Good News About Schools"; "Transforming a School District"; "The Seduction of the Leader: The Superintendent's Dilemma".

April 2011
“Some Advice for My Friends”

January 2011
"How Do We Evaluate Reflective Practice? First Define It"; "Advice for Superintendents: A Consultant's Perspective"; "Maximizing Gifted Students’ Potential in the 21st Century"

October 2010
"Getting Clear About Directions by Tapping Into School Board Values"; "Getting Clear About Directions"; "Superintendent Evaluation: A Travesty that Need Not Be"; "Teamwork: Redefined"

July 2010"
"Leadership in an Era of Expanding or Diminishing Resources: Remembering the Statistical Phenomenon of Regression to the Mean"; "Building Trust With Your Board"; "Addressing Uncomfortable E-Mail Communications"

April 2010
"Eight Tenets for Beginning Superintendents"; New Resource Provides Examples of How States are Improving Education Leadership"; "The Superintendent's Evaluation: Bridging the Gap from Theory to Practice"

January 2010
"Leadership: An Agenda for School Improvement"; "Six Steps to an Effective Mentoring Program"; "Effectively Embracing the Political Challenges of the Superintendency"; and "Exerting Leadership Through the Budget-Building Process"

October 2009
"New Report Calls on School Districts to Power Up High Schools"; "Look for Authenticity and Talents in the Principal Selection Process"; and "Navigating the Future in Education"

July 2009
“The Principal Story"; Board–Superintendent Communication"; "Getting Control of the Message"

April 2009
"Leading for Change"; "Interim School Superintendents"; "Mentoring New Leaders"

January 2009
"Listening to the Next Generations;" "Data-Driven Leadership"; "Advice for New Superintendents"

November 2008
"The MRSA Superbug: Prevention Through Protection"; "Networks as a Remedy for Superintendent Isolation"

September 2008
"Building a Skill Set for Newly Appointed Superintendents: Managing the Challenges of a Budget and the Realities Associated with Emergency Response"

May 2008
"Leading a Small District After Serving in a Big District: It Is a Whole New World!"; "Five Strategies for Building an Environment of Trust, Leadership and Cohesiveness"; "Lawyering Up: Finding the Right Legal Counsel for You and Your District"

March 2008
"Bureaucracies and Learning Organizations"; "Building and Sustaining the Superintendent-Board Relationship"; "Building Political Affluence as a Superintendent"

January 2008
"Culture and Context: Understanding Where You Are so You Know Where to Go and How to Get There"; "Creating a Transition Map for a New Superintendency: 7 Powerful Strategies"; "A Game Plan for Hiring Principals"

November 2007
"Six Considerations for First-Year Superintendents"; "How Do You Know System Leadership Is Functioning in a School District?"; "Compressed Negotiations for New Superintendents"

May 2007
"A Journey in Transforming School District Culture to Increase Student Achievement"; "Opening Day"; and "Whose World Am I About to Enter? Why Understanding the Culture Is so Critical"

March 2007
"Making It Past the Pitfalls To the Promise: Strategic Planning"; "In the Trenches: Learning the Real District Story through Visiting Schools"; and "Productively Engaging the Media" are the articles in this issue.

January 2007
"Leading Systematic Self-Renewal"; "Agents of Change: Executive Succession and Organizational Change"; and "Inevitability of Change; Managing Change Through Self-Awareness" are the articles in this issue.

November 2006
"Listening to Lead"; "Building Bridges: Understanding the Culture of the Community the School System Deserves"; and "How to Write a Vision Speech" are the articles in this issue.

June 2006
"Board – Administrator Relations: Establishing Trust"; "Developing an Understanding of Your New School District’s Culture"; and "How to Bring About Systemic Change in a School System" are the articles in this issue.

March 2006
"School System Change: From the Inside Out"; "Effective Strategies for Working With the Media"; and "Systemic Change" are the articles in this issue.

December 2005
"Essentials of Effective School Leadership Today"; "Systemic Change for Continuous Improvement"; and "Board-Superintendent Relationships: Core Values, Guiding Principles" are the articles in this issue.

November 2005
"How To Deal With the Media"; "Recipe for Success and Survival as a School Superintendent: Learn the Culture of the Community"; and "10 Essentials for Effective Leadership" are the articles in this issue.

July 2005
"Thinking Strategically: Keeping the Big Picture in Mind;" "The Key to Raising Achievement: Four Guiding Principles;" "Communicating About NCLB: Knowing What the Public Thinks" are the articles in this issue.

April 2005
"Cultivating Relationships in the Land of Oz"; "The Collaborative Process of Developing a Vision"; and "Creating a Caring Community of Learners" are the articles in this issue.

January 2005
"Succeeding in Your First Superintendency: Six Principles for Success"; "The Real Challenge Begins Now"; and "Starting Out Right: Preserving Identity and Respect" are the articles in this inaugural issue.