Leadership Networks

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  Networks 3 AASA develops leadership networks that allow like-minded leaders to connect, focus on key issues and learn from each other, with the goal of improving education for all children. 

These leadership networks link with each other and with the work of the AASA Leadership Development department so that they find the mutual support needed in order to maintain and promote shared values and beliefs. 

 Eastern States Consortium for Learning and School System Excellence
The Eastern States Consortium for Learning and School System Excellence, founded in 2006 through AASA is a forum for school system leaders to address important issues related to student achievement and the preparation of students with 21st century skills.

 Western States Benchmarking Consortium
The Western States Benchmarking Consortium (WSBC), working in a strong partnership with AASA, has enabled the leaders of its seven constituent districts to address important issues related to student achievement. WSBC provides a means for these leaders to provide mutual support for one another and to engage their staff members in projects that have benefited the students in each district.

New Network Formation
AASA is developing new consortia composed of school districts from across the country. The new consortia will make the network experience available to many school system leaders, who value the benefits that can accrue from working together to share successes and challenges.

Are you interested in forming a new network, joining an existing network, or receiving assistance from AASA with a network you currently have?   

Contact MaryAnn Jobe, AASA Director of Education and Leadership Development, email: mjobe@aasa.org, phone: 703-875-0734703-875-0734.