The School Administrator

February 1997The Challenges of Today's Superintendency


  • Free-Market School Reform

    by Donna Harrington-Lueker

    Maverick Superintendent Michael Ronan has applied free-wheeling entrepreneurism to the Uxbridge, Mass, schools, raising questions about fairness, funding, and the best place for student learning. Also: A district flirts with variable pay for teachers. The author is a free-lance writer in Rhode Island.

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  • Ten Years in the Limelight

    by Priscilla Pardini

    As the National Superintendent of the Year reaches its 10th anniversary, the previous honorees reflect on the significance of the award and how it changed their lives. Also: The four finalists for the 1997 award. The author is a free-lance writer in Milwaukee.

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  • 'Hold Them, Fold Them, or Walk Away’: Twelve Cardinal Rules for Dealing with School Board Conflict

    by Peggy Ondrovich

    Picking your battles with board members carefully could be vital to your survival as a superintendent, says the top school district leader in LaPorte, Ind.

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  • When Zealots Wage War

    by Bruce L. Dennis

    The superintendent in a well-to-do Westchester County, N.Y., school district shares his defense plan against an unwarranted and spurious attack. He also offers his suggestions for dealing with free-swinging critics.

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  • Dangerous Expectations: Why a Superintendent Search Often Breeds Discontent and Unsatisfying Results

    by Susan Jernigan

    A veteran executive search consultant describes why school boards that assume a "walk on water savior complex" during their hunt for a superintendent will rarely be satisfied with the outcome of a search.

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  • Domestic Relationships of the Superintendency

    by Krista Ramsey

    A superintendent’s recent doctoral study suggests a husband’s support may have a powerful effect on females entering the superintendency and, to some extent, succeeding in it. Ramsey is a free-lance writer in Cincinnati.

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    Joseph Peel by JAY P. GOLDMAN

    superintendent of Elizabeth City-Pasquotank, N.C.

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    Guest Column

    Picture Perfect: A Model for Voluntary Standard by Gray Rinehart

    consultant on total quality, Colorado Springs, Colo.

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    President's Corner

    National Conference Attendance is the Mark of a Professional by Donald R. Thompson

    president, AASA

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    Guest Column

    The Misguided Search for Heroic Leadership by Susan Moore Johnson

    academic dean and professor, Harvard Graduate School of Education

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    Federal Dateline

    Why You Do What You Do by Nick Penning

    policy analyst, AASA

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