The School Administrator

March 2010 Cover

March 2010 Number 3, Vol. 67Incentives-Based CompensationHow and where performance pay is working



    A Financial Analyst Follows His Heart by PAUL RIEDE

    Financial analysis was the life for John Welch until a superintendent with a nontraditional background gave him a taste of executive leadership.

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    Board-Savvy Superintendent

    Beyond a Guided Tour: Orienting New Board Members by MICHAEL T. ADAMSON

    Board members need to be acquainted at the outset with information that positions them to be effective in the boardroom. A useful orientation builds trust from the get-go by covering core values, agenda setting and rules of decorum.

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    Guest Columns

    When Busy People Are Inconvenienced by JAMES H. VANSCIVER

    In the midst of 101 tasks, it took a personal health emergency for the author to recognize the importance of setting priorities.

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    Paddling Together Toward a Blue Ocean by ALEX TEREGO

    The clever use of a colored-ocean metaphor in Blue Ocean Strategy has application for those in school leadership.

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    Superintendents’ Lives as Independent Contractors by THOMAS D. ENGLER

    “You are really not an employee of this district.” That’s how someone greeted the author as he started his initial superintendency and when he first realized his status differed from everyone else’s.

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    On Going Slowly by BRUCE E. STORM

    A veteran superintendent is prompted to think about approaching life at a more reasoned pace, with increased awareness and a thoughtful focus.

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    Tech Leadership

    The Importance of Modeling Tech Adoption by PEGGY S. BUFFINGTON

    A superintendent’s regular use of blogs, podcasts and other technology applications enables her to engage parents more extensively in their children’s education.

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    President's Corner

    Weeds in the Garden by MARK T. BIELANG

    The garden as a great metaphor for life and work and new ways of thinking about our organizations, according to the AASA president.

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    Executive Perspective

    Performance Pay an Asset and a Distraction by DANIEL A. DOMENECH

    AASA has reached consensus with the school boards and national teacher unions on guiding principles for developing and implementing a performance-based compensation plan.

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    This month’s listings of superintendents moving up and moving on.

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