AASA Advocacy Conference Resources

July 18, 2022

For those of you here in DC in person (and those of you following along at home!) here are the resources for this week’s conference. We will be posting presentation slide decks as we get them.

Don't forget about our IDEA Full Funding Invoice / Call to Action and our 2022 Talking Points

And Making the Most of Your Summer with AASA’s ARP Tools: With ARP spending present of mind following last week’s sessions, we also want to share (or re-share) a set of AASA tools that can help you and your team reflect on your past and planned uses of these recovery funds. The AASA Learning Recovery & Redesign guidance and self-assessment tools focus on evaluating both how you approach using ARP funds, as well as what you use them for. We encourage you to use them to increase the impact of your spending in the remaining time.

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