AASA FY16 Budget Response and Analysis

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On February 2, President Obama released his FY16 budget proposal. While, in the current Congress, this budget is “dead on arrival,” it still serves as an important conversation piece around the national agenda and the President’s priorities for the next year. AASA’s detailed analysis of the budget can be found here.

In this budget, President Obama made a dramatic shift from previous budgets. In the past, his education budgets focused on competitive grant programs, typically level-funding formula programs. The FY16 budget, however, reverses that; it proposes sizeable increases in formula funded programs and only includes small competitive programs. Race to the Top is not funded through this budget proposal, while Title I would receive a $1 billion increase, IDEA a $175 million increase, and Title III ELL grants a $36 million increase.

AASA applauds President Obama’s continued prioritizing of education, and especially the emphasis of this budget on formula funded programs. We welcome the opportunity to work with the President on his identified priorities, including early childhood, teacher quality, post-secondary access and affordability and 21st century job training.

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