UPDATED: AASA and AESA Issue Joint Statement on 'E-Rate and EducationSuperHighway: What You Need to Know'

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As indicated in the original memo, we will update this communication as additional information becomes available. Most notably, shortly after this memo was shared, ESH launched its Item 21 Portal website, which includes Frequently Asked Questions and their privacy policy. The Q&A links were updated to reflect the newest information.

AASA Executive Director Dan Domenech and AESA Executive Director Lee Warne shared the following note with their respective organization's memberships today in response to repeated member inquiries related to E-Rate and the EducationSuperHighway. Read the full Q&A document.

Dear Member,

As you know, the White House and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are deeply engaged in efforts to modernize the E-Rate program. In our current roles as the Executive Directors for AESA and AASA respectively, Lee Warne and I are keenly interested in ensuring that our organizations accurately advocate the reality and needs of our nation’s schools and educational service agencies when it comes to Internet connectivity. It is also critical that we provide accurate and timely information to you, our members.

It has come to our attention that education leaders at state and local levels have been approached recently by a group called EducationSuperHighway (ESH). Conversations included requesting E-Rate applicants (districts) to submit the Item 21 portion of their E-Rate applications through an ESH portal. The portal, called the Item 21 Portal, refers to the applicant’s Item 21 form, which is the portion of the E-Rate application that identifies the products and services being requested. We write this note as a way to share information that helps clarify what the ESH Item 21 Portal is and how it could potentially impact the E-Rate application process. In particular, we penned this memo to answer the most common questions we have been receiving from members relating to ESH, Item 21 Portal, impact on and overlap with E-Rate, and student data privacy. You can access the full Q&A here. We hope you find the information helpful.


Daniel A Domenech
Executive Director
AASA: The School Superintendents Association

Lee Warne
Executive Director
Association of Educational Service Agencies


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