Quick ESEA Update

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Hi all - you can read full details on what we know about the initial House proposal in the recently updated blog post. Keep in mind.....there is NOT legislation, there is nothing in writing at this time. The proposal is simply their indication of their thinking on ESEA and funding flexibility.

Just some important things to keep in mind:

  • While flexibility can be as good as new money, support for increased flexibility in no way detracts from AASA's budget/appropriations advocacy and our belief that the government needs to meet its outstanding (underfunded) commitments to our nation's students, particularly in Title I and IDEA.
  • The continued effects of the recession at the state and local level, coupled with the cessation of ARRA and EduJobs funds in the current and coming school year and the cuts in FY11 further highlight the importance of a federal commitment to investment in education. See the previous point.


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