The School Administrator

SA Cover April 2001

April 2001Data-Driven DecisionsNew ways to get answers: The 'drill down' and the 'walk-through'


  • Data Analysis in Administrators' Hands: An Oxymoron?

    by Theodore B. Creighton

    An expert on data-based decision making argues that statistical strategies, not gut feelings, form the hallmark of good instructional decisions.

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  • Data in Your Hands

    by Raymond Yeagley

    The superintendent in Rochester, N.H., describes how he uses the Quality School Portfolio software to gain deeper insights into student learning.

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  • The 'Drill Down' Process

    by Philip A. Streifer

    An associate professor at the University of Connecticut outlines a strategy for asking the right questions and applying the data in useful ways.

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  • Data Analysis by Walking Around

    by Francis Barnes and Marilyn Miller

    Two educators from Palisades, Pa., describe their district's unique data-gathering process that bases decisions on personal conversations with students.

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  • Beyond Data: The World of Scenario Planning

    by George A. Goens

    In a world where linear logic does not prevail, school leaders can enhance traditional planning by developing realistic portrayals of what may lie ahead, a former superintendent says.

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    Stuart Silberman by Jay P. Goldman

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    Front-Line Security Begins With Front Desk by Larry Johnson

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    Growing Your Own Administrators by Frederick J. Tirrell

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    Guest Columns

    The Superintendent as a Temp by Robert J. Clark

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    Success Means Our Graduates Give Back by Gary A. Burton

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    A Sinking Feeling About Competition by Joseph J. Cirasuolo

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    President’s Corner

    Welcome More Data, But Apply It Well by Benjamin O. Canada

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    Executive Perspective

    A Balance of Head and Heart by Paul D. Houston

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