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August 2001Community RelationsInteragency support, school foundations, public relations


  • School-Community Partnering

    by Priscilla Pardini

    Turf struggles among districts and agencies can be overcome to provide a full array of services to students and families.

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  • Extended School Days

    by Priscilla Pardini

    School districts can supplement classroom instruction through afterschool programming, though some question the benefits.

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  • Beyond Money: Benefits of an Education Foundation

    by Mark M. Havens

    Fund raising is fine, but the true value may be in bridge building, says a veteran community relations director.

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  • Beyond Image: Learning-Based Communications

    by Brian Woodland

    School public relations should influence perceptions by explaining what schools are really about.

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  • Community Permission: Prerequisite for Change

    by Jamie Robert Vollmer

    A view that public involvement is no longer attainable and ought to be replaced by an organic process conversation between school leadership and the community. Jamie Robert Vollmer is president of Vollmer and Associates in Fairfield, Iowa.

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  • Outside-Inside Marketing

    by Susan Rovezzi Carroll and David Carroll

    Experts address public perceptions of schools using surveys, focus groups and in-depth interviews. Susan and David Carroll manage a research consulting firm, Words and Numbers Research in Torrington, Conn. read more | purchase issue
  • Student Stability vs. Mobility

    by Thomas Fowler-Finn

    The superintendent in Fort Wayne, Ind., describes his school system's efforts to minimize the impact of constant change in students' family lives on academic outcomes.

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    Joe Kitchens by Jay P. Goldman

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    Preventing Personal Platforms at Board Meetings by Tom Tasma

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    Telling Your Story When the Media Won't by Nora Carr

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    Guest Columns

    The Power in Your Words by Beatrice S. Fennimore

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    Seeing the Possibilities With Crayolas in Hand by Steve Singleton

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    President’s Corner

    School/Community Relationships: A Vital Lifeline by Don Hooper

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    Executive Perspective

    When Bad Things Happen to Good Ideas by Paul D. Houston

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    Federal Dateline

    Striking a Delicate Balance by Mary Conk

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