The School Administrator

SA Cover January 2002

January 2002Reading RejuvenatedWith polarization behind, districts try to elevate student literacy.


  • Reading Reform

    by Donna Harrington-Lueker

    From midcourse corrections to starting from scratch with new reading series, school districts add vigor to their drive to raise student literacy levels.

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  • Secondary School Reading

    by Linda Blackford

    Reading specialists in high school may be rare, but districts employing them see great prospects. Blackford is an education writer with the Lexington Herald-Leader in Lexington, Ky.

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  • Adopting a Districtwide Reading Program

    by Jerry Miller

    When rolling out a new initiative, Issaquah, Wash., followed an 8-step process that asked essential questions and articulated answers for anxious staff. Miller is director of instructional support with the Issaquah, Wash., Public Schools.

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  • Our Goal: 90 Percent Reading

    by Paul W. Rosier

    The superintendent in Kennewick, Wash., set a lofty literacy goal as he moved from isolated school efforts to districtwide coordination.

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  • ‘One Bite at a Time’

    by Kathleen J. Brown

    A reading clinician in Utah describes intervention practices for strengthening reading teachers.

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  • The Balanced Literacy Diet

    by Dale Willows

    A member of the National Reading Panel prescribes a “food pyramid” to nourish instructional staff on the front lines of reading and writing.

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  • Choosing the Right Technology

    by Charol Shakeshaft, Dale Mann, Jonathan Becker and Kara Sweeney

    Advice for sorting through claims of computer-based software designed to boost reading performance.

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    William H. Johnson by Jay P. Goldman

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    Procurement Tips When Buying From Web Firms by Nona Ullman

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    Guest Columns

    Staying Ahead of the Game by Deborah Wadsworth

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    A Parent's Wish on Responding to Threats by Anita L. Nolan

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    Are We Having Fun Yet? by Sandra S. Peterson

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    President’s Corner

    Reading Success Where No Child Slips By by Don W. Hooper

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    Executive Perspective

    Literacy Leadership: From Lynch Mob to Parade by Paul D. Houston

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