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Feb 2002 Cover

February 2002Decisions, Dilemmas and DangersMaking choices in trying times


  • Decisions, Dilemmas and Dangers

    by Richard Farson

    Are you fixing problems or managing predicaments? For school leaders, there’s a fundamental difference. Richard Farson is president of the Western Behavioral Sciences Institute in La Jolla, Calif.

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  • Moral Courage in a World of Dilemmas

    by Rushworth M. Kidder and Patricia L. Born

    Ethical decisions grow from a process that promotes rational discourse against emotional tensions.

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  • Leading With Soul and Spirit

    by Lee G. Bolman and Terrence E. Deal

    Effective leadership in challenging times boils down to qualities such as focus, passion and integrity.

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  • Core Values of the Superintendency

    by Paul Kelleher

    The need for discovering, formulating and articulating values to shape personal and professional behavior. Paul Keller is chair of the department of education at Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas.

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  • The Courage to Risk Forgiveness

    by George A. Goens

    By avoiding revenge and retribution, superintendents can nurture relationships so vital to their effectiveness. George Goens is senior partner of Goens/Esparo LLC., West Hartford, Conn.

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  • John Kotter on Leadership, Management and Change

    by Jim Bencivenga

    An interview with the author of Leading Change and What Leaders Really Do.

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  • What Hath 9/11 Wrought?

    by Richard Lee Colvin

    In the aftermath of tragedy, school leaders see shifts in thinking, priorities and curricular emphases.

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  • In the Aftermath, What’s the Purpose?

    by Lew Smith

    Defining schools as caring centers, collaborative communities and arenas for clarifying values in the post-Sept. 11 era. Lew Smith is an associate professor of leadership and educational administration at the Fordham University Graduate School of Education, New York, N.Y.

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  • Testing Superintendents

    by Kate Beem

    Missouri becomes the first to require a written exam for superintendent certification, but not everyone agrees with the need.

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    Ruth A. Kane by Jay P. Goldman

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    Under Sunshine Law, Don’t Let It Rain by Jennifer Norton-Powers

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    Guest Column

    Blue Denim Blues by Charles Waggoner

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    When Superintendents Become the Generals by Philip E. Geiger

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    President’s Corner

    The Heart of Leadership: Tough Decisions by Don W. Hooper

    Executive Perspective

    Lessons From the Amazon by Paul D. Houston

    Federal Dateline

    Four Benefits of ESEA Fall Short of District Needs by Mary Conk

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