The School Administrator

October 2004

October 2004Personnel EvaluationPortfolios, differentiated pay, teachers' dispositions


  • CEO-Centric Evaluation

    by Doug Eadie

    The tale of a suburban superintendent and her nine-member board that speaks to the importance of the chief executive identifying his or her own leadership targets for the coming year. It’s a process that turns superintendent assessment into a powerful tool of partnership with the board.

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  • Performance-Based Evaluation for Superintendents

    by Edward W. Costa II

    The superintendent in East Longmeadow, Mass., inherited an annual evaluation instrument containing 47 criteria that lacked the capacity to recognize gradations in his performance. So he spent a year working with a board subcommittee on a better process.

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  • Redesigning Work and Compensation To Fit NCLB

    by Jack D. Dale

    A superintendent’s proposal for better addressing today’s site-level leadership and instructional needs in the new high-stakes assessment more | purchase issue
  • Experimenting With Teacher Compensation

    by Allan Odden and Marc Wallace

    School districts and states are experimenting with alternatives to traditional single-salary schedules. These innovations included knowledge- and skills-based salary schedules, school-based performance awards, bonuses for national certification and incentives for teachers accepting assignments in low-performing schools.

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  • Principals’ Portfolios

    by James E. Green

    The use of a portfolio can serve as a reflective process for displaying professional competencies, personal qualities and job accomplishments, according to the author of a new book on principal evaluation.

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  • Evaluating Administrators With Portfolios

    by Alexander Russo

    To their users who include superintendents in a few places, portfolios offer a more valid, reliable and authentic form of assessing professional performance. But several significant challenges inhibit greater more | purchase issue
  • The 20-Minute Hiring Assessment

    by M. Mark Wasicsko

    How to ensure you’re hiring the best teacher candidates by quickly sizing up their dispositions for classroom duty, according to the dean of the college of education at Eastern Kentucky University.

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    Kevin L. Mitchell: From Law Enforcer to Survivalist by Jay P. Goldman

    The superintendent in Big Horn County, Wyo., finds himself leading a fight for more


    Punchback: Answering Critics

    The Flawed Thinking Behind ‘No Excuses’ by Richard Rothstein

    The author of Class and Schools: Using Social, Economic, and Educational Reform to Close the Black-White Achievement Gap dissects four simplistic claims about poor schools that are more

    Crisis Management: In a Crisis, Focus on the People by Paul M. Hewitt

    Crisis plans are well suited for handling emergency situations at a school, but most say nothing about how staff might cope in the aftermath. The death of a child at school brought this need home for one more

    Rural Schools: Cooperative Planning for Rural Job Creation by Robert C. Kellogg

    A district administrator’s role in cooperative job development as a strategy to give high-achieving students reasons for returning to their rural communities after college or military more
    Guest Columns

    An Education Agenda for the Next President by James O’Hanlon and Doug Christensen

    Unsolicited advice for how George Bush or John Kerry can shape an agenda carrying a positive impact on schools that has a chance to outlast presidential more

    A View of Accountability From 1,000 Feet by Glenn F. Smartschan

    School leaders need some distance to see the harm they might commit by reducing instruction in second languages, the arts and physical education in order to maximize time for preparing students for high-stakes more


    News of career changes, while the Sidelight shines on a Michigan superintendent who officiates high school football more
    Board-Savvy Superintendent

    Keeping Board Members in Touch With the Classroom by David W. Gordon

    Superintendents would be wise to have strategies ready to help school board members learn firsthand about the realities of the new standards-based environment. The author is superintendent of the Sacramento County, Calif., Office of more
    President’s Corner

    Connecting All the Pieces of the Mission by Donald L. Kussmaul, president, AASA

    Recognizing that a school district is one of many connected systems within a community, AASA is embarking on an exciting venture, the creation of a Center for System more
    Executive Perspective

    Making Great Time on a Lost Highway by Paul D. Houston, executive director, AASA

    The current reform agenda is a mechanistic approach that assumes that by fixing pieces, you can fix the whole. Another view comes closer to reality for AASA’s director — that of the universe — by appreciating the complexity of more