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SA Cover September 2005

September 2005 Number 8, Vol. 62Generational DifferencesFinding the right fit for Millenials, Gen-Xers and Boomers


  • Talking About Their Generations

    by William Strauss

    Significant changes are happening in classrooms, in the teacher corps, in the administration offices, in homes and in state and local governance as the older generation is giving way to its successors. The consequences of these transitions help explain much of what is going on in K-12 education today. The author, a popular speaker on the conference circuit, is co-founder of LifeCourse Associates in Great Falls, Va.

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  • Harnessing the Power of Millennials

    by Neil Howe

    Plenty of evidence suggests students in the Millennial Generation, compared to those preceeding them, are special, sheltered, confident, team-playing, conventional, pressured and achieving. The author, co-founder of LifeCourse Associates in Great Falls, Va., describes strategies for educators to meet the changing needs.

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  • Learning From Youth Marketers

    by John C. Geraci

    The vice president of youth research at Harris Interactive explains how to adapt to the schoolhouse what business already knows about the Millennials.

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  • Creating Synergy in the Schoolhouse

    by Suzette Lovely

    Without looking closely at the generational DNA inside the schoolhouse, it will be difficult to maximize performance and productivity of staff. To bridge the age gap and manage the friction, employees’ needs, assumptions, hopes and fears have to be noticed and appreciated, according to the deputy superintendent for personnel in San Juan Capistrano, Calif.

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  • A Small-Wins Perspective

    by Sharon L. Nichols and Thomas L. Good

    Exaggerated and mostly negative perceptions of youth leave many Americans resistant to investing in youth. The co-authors of America’s Teenagers—Myths and Realities: Media Images, Schooling, and the Social Costs of Careless Indifference draw upon the notion of “small wins” to articulate a strategy for changing adults’ misconceptions.

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  • Superintendent Soldiers

    by Kate Beem

    School superintendents may be among the more unlikely members of the Army Reserve and National Guard to be sent into combat in Iraq. Their organizational know-how is a boon to the U.S. military effort, but the civil ian responsibilities they leave behind for up to 18 months aren’t totally off their minds during deployment.

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    Army-Precision at Central Headquarters by Jay P. Goldman

    A distinguished 22 years in the military gives William “Rob” Roberts the organizational know-how to be a success as superintendent in sprawling Nye County, Nev.

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    Board-Savvy Superintendent

    The Short, Productive Board Meeting by Donald R. McAdams

    Working through the board president, a superintendent can and should make effective, professionally run board meetings a high more
    Guest Column

    Tilting at Lake Wobegon by Michael F. Rice

    As superintendent of a linguistically diverse district, the author recognizes the importance of realistic expectations for student improvement, not the unreasonableness he sees now imposed from more

    What Does It Mean To Be an Educated Person? by Charles L. Slater

    What should a high school graduate be able to do? Twelve ideals that everyone in a learning community should strive to uphold.

    Waking Up to Fiscal Consciousness by Marc F. Bernstein

    A Long Island school district’s financial improprieties have shaken the public’s confidence and trust. A neighboring superintendent asks: Without the public’s respect for our ethics and integrity, how do we make wise decisions about their children’s education?read more
    Tech Leadership

    Show Me the Data by Lane B. Mills

    Before selecting a data management solution, a school district should analyze its current and anticipated needs in data acquisition and more

    Tips for a Successful Leadership Retreat by John Jay Bonstingl

    An educational consultant provides suggestions for conducting an effective school district retreat.
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    President's Corner

    Reform, Reform and More Reform by David E. Gee

    AASA’s president comments on the need for a united voice and why the association is helping members manage change and continuous more
    Executive Perspective

    Faith and Fear by Paul D. Houston

    At the core of many controversies over curriculum is the protection of personal values, in the analysis of AASA’s executive more


    The latest roundup of appointments, retirements and honors in the membership ranks. The Sidelight shines on Superintendent Evan Pitkoff and his extensive toy bus collection.
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