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February 2006 Number 2, Vol. 63Smart MoneyThe case for public investment in K-12 schools


  • Smart Money: Public Investment in Public Education

    by William Schweke

    An economic developer’s forecast: Money wisely spent generates a high societal return, measurable in real, quantifiable results for workers, businesses and communities.

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  • The Right Place, The Right Time

    by William G. O'Callaghan and Charles M. Irish

    Superintendents have a golden opportunity to stem the retreat of our best citizens from involvement in public life in their communities.

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  • Dear Public: Can We Talk?

    by Jean Johnson and Will Friedman

    The pace of change is causing confusion, tension, miscommunication and outright division among those who need to work together. Public Agenda shares its strategies for encouraging a broad, lasting base of support for the public schools.

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  • Why Can’t Schools Be Like Businesses?

    by Larry Cuban

    The emeritus professor at Stanford dissects the wrong-headed assumptions and ill-conceived logic of business-minded reform proposals for public education in an essay drawn from his book on the subject.

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  • The Public School Speaks

    by Frosty Troy

    The country’s greatest egalitarian institution answers its critics in its own voice. The author is an Oklahoma newspaper publisher and a lifetime crusader for the merits of public education.

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  • Watch Your Language!

    by Don E. Lifto and J. Bradford Senden

    Two experts on the conduct of school finance elections lend some words to win by when you next submit a proposed school district budget or spending referendum to a public vote.

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  • The Art of Writing Op-Eds

    by Linda Chion Kenney

    Superintendents find a personal and professional outlet for expressing their ideas by writing a periodic column for the local newspaper.

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    His Restless Drive Has a District on the Move by Jay P. Goldman

    Richard DiPatri’s restless drive has the Brevard County, Fla., Public Schools on an upward move.

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    Punchback: Answering Critics

    Our Immigrant Past Offers No Models for Today by Richard Rothstein

    More first-generation students find academic success today than did second- or third-generation students a half-century ago. Those who condemn the public schools for failing to get high achievement from immigrants and minorities are more
    Guest Columns

    Snow Days and the Weather Channel by Randall A. Zitterkopf

    In 26 years as a school administrator, the author has devised an oddball formula for determining whether schools should close for inclement weather. Some consider it his “waist rule.”read more

    Dear Tom Cruise: Meet My Daughter by Morton Sherman

    After coping with his daughter’s attempted suicide, a veteran superintendent calls on educators and legislators to deal with mental illness among more

    Learning Leadership Under Fire by Greg Vandal

    The more experienced this superintendent became as a volunteer firefighter, the better able he’s been able to channel the adrenaline rush to a positive result in his full-time more

    Only in Cambridge by Thomas Fowler-Finn

    Abandoning the sideline neutrality of his earlier postings in school leadership, a veteran superintendent now revels in the chance to be an active part of history and progressive more

    You Might Be a Leader If ... by Gerald L. Fowler

    With apologies to comic Jeff Foxworthy, the author created a set of guidelines for leadership watching in his more
    Board-Savvy Superintendent

    Board Members Need To See Who Teachers Are by Nick Caruso

    The author decided school boards need an opportunity to meet teachers in a laid-back, non-threatening environment after once hearing a board member say at a budget review, “We’d have a lot more money to help kids if we didn’t have so many teachers on the payroll.”read more
    President's Corner

    Who’s Driving the District Bus? by David E. Gee

    The movie made it look so simple: Get everyone to work together and head in the same direction. Unfortunately, real life does not always mirror the more
    Executive Perspective

    Guess Who’s Left Behind? by Paul D. Houston

    Much has been made about the issue of racism in the Gulf Coast relief effort, but the greater issue has been that of socio-economic class — just another indication our federal government doesn’t deal well with matters involving the more
    Federal Dateline

    Congress’ Classic Choice: ‘Guns or Butter’ by Bruce Hunter

    The choice between domestic programs and military support played out in the final days of Congress. It’s a dilemma faced whenever the country goes to war or is threatened by external forces. In this case, the guns more


    AASA members’ comings and goings. Plus, the Sidelight shines on Superintendent Rodney Lafon, a Dixie-style trumpeter in more