The School Administrator

March 06 Cover

March 2006 Number 3, Vol. 63Consolidations, Annexations, DissolutionsWhose identity (and mascot) survives when two systems merge?



    Ron Blankenship: His Campaign for Hometown Survival by Jay P. Goldman

    Ron Blankenship could choose almost any place to work, but he’s content to be an advocate for rural schools as the veteran superintendent in economically depressed Calhoun County, W.Va.

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    Board-Savvy Superintendent

    Helping Staff Shine During Board Presentations by Lisa Bartusek

    Superintendents ought to help colleagues prepare for appearances before the school board by sharing with them both the practical and the emotional contexts, according to a veteran school communications more
    Guest Columns

    The $100 Billion Problem: Permitting Forgetfulness by Lee Jenkins

    The author of Permission To Forget: And Nine Other Root Causes Of America’s Frustration With Education believes educators waste too much time And money on their students’ review of previously taught more

    When Grief Hits Home by Carol M. Engler

    A professional counselor, the author found it necessary to show her vulnerability and reach out for help as a coping strategy when dealing with the consecutive losses of several family more

    What Does the Title ‘Super-in-tend-ent’ Mean to You? by Don Draayer

    In the mind of this former national superintendent of the year titlist, the job title bears three elements that exemplify what committed superintendents feel, think and more


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    Tech Leadership

    Is a Copyright Quagmire in Your Future? by Carol Simpson

    The author of Copyright Catechism: Practical Answers to Everyday School Dilemmas has advice for dealing with technology-related copyright issues on three themes: computer software, the internet and more
    President's Corner

    Where’s the Beef Revisited by David E. Gee

    Curious why so few aspire to become career administrators today, AASA’s president approached those who’ve given up on the profession. He found them frustrated and more
    Executive Perspective

    Risking our Significance by Paul D. Houston

    AASA’s executive director hypothesizes that educators move into leadership because “it feeds that portion of ourselves that needs to feel important.” That ambition becomes a blessing and a more
    Systems Thinking

    Confronting The Redesign of the Enterprise by Joseph Cirasuolo

    Take any organization that’s designed to achieve one result and try to get that organization to achieve a different result without redesigning the organization. That’s the challenge public education more