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December 2007 Number 11, Vol. 64Life Beyond the SuperintendencyWhy legacy planning begins well before you retire


  • Legacy Planning: How Will You Be Remembered?

    by Robert M. Galford

    Whether you’ve been a superintendent for decades or are just stepping into the role, it’s the right time to ask whether you know what you want your legacy to be — and whether you’re on your way to achieving it, says the head of the Center for Executive Development.

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  • Reaching Out in Retirement

    by Patti Ghezzi

    Retired superintendents find fulfillment as mentors, sometimes paid but mostly as volunteers. Some focus on leadership development, and others draw on experience to iron out a personnel problem or a fractured relationship with the board.

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  • The Gift Package of Retirement

    by Donald R. Draayer

    Almost always, retiring superintendents express surprise by the host of issues related to this transition because retirement is not a singular decision. It reshapes the whole landscape.

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  • Board Duty in Retirement

    by Richard H. Goodman

    At 76, the author already had a full and accomplished career as a superintendent and executive director of two statewide professional groups. So why did this retiree consider running for a seat on an elected local school board in New Hampshire? And why does he think other retired superintendents ought to follow suit?

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  • Why I Left... and Came Back

    by Patricia Nugent

    A career educator took an unpaid leave for a year from her central-office administrative role in an upstate New York school district. Two defining moments helped her find her way back to public education. Through the time away, she’s discovered renewed meaning in her leadership work.

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    Profile by Vail's Magician Pulls Off Stunt After Stunt

    Now in his 20th year in the same leadership post, Cal Baker has often come off looking like a ready-for-prime-time magician as he deftly manages the burgeoning growth of a suburban district outside Tucson, Ariz.

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    Punchback: Answering Critics

    Demanding More of Presidential Candidates by Kevin G. Welner

    Can meaningful reform of public schooling come about only if problems with the status quo are exaggerated by loud-mouth critics?

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    Guest Columns

    Recess and the Accountability Movement by John A. Sutterby

    Are we now at the point of legislating mandatory recess to strike a balance between two careening movements — heightened accountability in schools and childhood obesity? The clash is playing out in more

    Leadership in the Age of Instant Communication by Blane K. McCann

    The rapid-fire pace of communication can lead to more mistakes and unintended outcomes, says a Wisconsin-based superintendent. E-mail now is less about relationships and more about moving to the next decision as instantaneously as more


    The latest compilation of comings and goings in the ranks of the superintendency across the more
    Tech Leadership

    Personal Computing ≠ Laptops for Everyone by Jim Hirsch

    One-to-one laptop initiatives aren’t everything proponents tout, often relying on teachers devising unrelated activities rather than using a uniformly designed curriculum to tap the power of personal computing in teaching. This begs an obvious question.

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    President's Corner

    Guns and Butter: Stepping Up to the Plate by Sarah D. Jerome

    Who could imagine the classic economic tradeoff would become synonymous with the deadliest threat to the well-being of American children?read more
    Executive Perspective

    Finding the Right Words by Paul D. Houston

    At season’s end, AASA’s director takes time to reflect on possible lessons of the season. He draws this year’s holiday sermon from an episode of “60 Minutes.”read more
    Federal Dateline

    Weighing In on Candidates’ Ideas by Nick Penning

    In just a few weeks (or even days), some of the key states will hold their political primaries and caucuses, officially launching the earliest effort to determine who may become the next more