The School Administrator

March 08 Cover

March 2008 Number 3, Vol. 65The Arts at K-12's Center StageFinding ways to increase student access to creative learning



    Winning Battles Against Whales and a Housing Shortage by Paul Riede

    Jim Lewis has faced unusual challenges in his 37-year career, including this: How do you attract good teachers when they can’t afford to live in your community?

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    Board-Savvy Superintendent

    Responding to Board Member Requests for Information by Donald R. McAdams

    Superintendents should respond in good faith to responsible requests by school board members for information. But what is considered a responsible request, and how should you deal with the insatiable appetite of some members?

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    Guest Columns

    I Didn't Always Think Well of the Student Press by Michael Murray

    The author, a superintendent in Michigan, wasn’t a champion of student journalism until he asked himself this question in the midst of the newspaper’s pursuit of a controversial story: Is the truth subordinate to political expediency and interest groups?

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    Holding Higher Education Accountable for New Teachers by Julia Steiny

    Because many new teachers come to their first post under-prepared for classroom reality, why not require the colleges and universities to certify the teachers they produce? Leave licensing with the state but give training programs the responsibility for ensuring teacher quality.

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    It Was Just an 'Accident' by David Sherman

    A veteran school leader says he’s fed up with the annoying expression, “Oops. My bad.” It’s time we ask those who’ve made a mistake to make a real apology.

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    Tracking promotions, retirements and recent honors among superintendents nationwide.

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    Tech Leadership

    Wiki While You Work by Miguel Guhlin

    How this new tool can be used for communication and collaboration by a central-office team in formulating a written plan organically. The author oversees instructional technology in San Antonio, Texas.

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    Squelching Rumors Through Parent Chats by Paul L. Vranish

    Monthly get-togethers involving parents and district administrators strengthen the bonds in Tornillo, Texas, while ensuring accurate information trumps the gossip. The author is Tornillo’s superintendent.

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    President's Corner

    Bringing the Arts Front and Center by Sarah D. Jerome

    The association’s strides to promote the arts as an integral part of the learning and growing process. Plus, the latest hero profile.

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    Executive Perspective

    Unpacking Our Luggage by Paul D. Houston

    “I don’t hate my country, I love it,” says AASA’s executive director. “And it is because I love it that I worry for it.”

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    Systems Thinking

    A Systemic Evolution Toward Better Outcomes by Tom Trigg

    When success is defined as each child attaining excellence, not just proficiency, which entity will have the greater chance of success: A school system or a system of schools? The superintendent of the Blue Valley Schools in Kansas offers one answer.

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