The School Administrator

August Cover

August 2010 Number 7, Vol. 67Pathways to Green SchoolsPractical, cost-saving measures for sustainable districts



    Tending to Her Successors by Francesca Duffy

    The superintendent in Tuscaloosa, Ala., pays heed to the need for effective and seamless succession in a district’s leadership ranks.

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    Punchback: Answering Critics

    Why I Make What I Do by SUSAN S. CLARK

    As the economy worsened, the author knew her salary as superintendent would become a popular topic of community conversation. When it did, she was well-prepared with an honest outlay of figures and a well-honed message that compared her responsibilities to those of a CEO of a medium-sized company.

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    Guest Columns

    In Consolidation Debate, Who Decides Children’s Best Interests? by NICHOLAS D. YOUNG AND FARSHID HAJIR

    Two educators in western Massachusetts take issue with a push for consolidation among the area’s small, rural school districts that appeared in The School Administrator’s May issue.

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    Race to the Top, NCLB and Why My Mom Doesn’t Care by JOSEPH F. DONOVAN

    The author’s mother is a 74-year-old who cares about the schools and keeps abreast of the news in her community. But she exists outside the bubble, victimized by poor communication that leaves her and everybody else without a school-age child wondering why they should care about the jargon of the moment relating to schools.

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    A Case for Teaching Financial Literacy by GERALD LAUBER

    A retired superintendent believes too little attention has been paid to help teachers incorporate practical problem-solving tools into a school day already brimming with mandated course content.

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    The Obnoxious Boss by DAN WINTERS

    Education leaders should take stock of personal habits to ensure they are not slipping down the road to totalitarian brutishness.

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    Tech Leadership

    Finding and Nurturing Leadership by KEITH R. KRUEGER

    A few suggestions from the head of the Consortium for School Networking for how to be sure the school district’s technology leader has the knowledge and skills to get the job done.

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    President's Corner

    Going Green and Getting Credit by EDGAR B. HATRICK

    Public school students and staff have been taking energy conservation measures for almost 50 years but don’t often get recognition for of these efforts. In his debut column, AASA’s new president believes that’s because educators are not always good at tooting their own horns.

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    Executive Perspective

    Welcoming Latino Leadership Into the Fold by DANIEL A. DOMENECH

    Now in its seventh year, the Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents is poised to become a national player advocating for the nation’s Latino youth. AASA’s executive director was there at the founding and sees important moments ahead.

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    AASA School Solutions

    Surveys Can Boost Trust Capital by SUHAIL A. FAROOQUI

    The benefits of using carefully crafted surveys to engage the stakeholders in a community.

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    A monthly roundup of the comings and goings of those in the system leadership ranks. The Sidelight singles out a Maine superintendent who competes annually in the Boston marathon.

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