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June 2010 Number 6, Vol. 67ReadinessThe nation refocuses on college and career preparations


  • College and Career Readiness


    The seriousness of the readiness gap between being fully credentialed and fully prepared leaves the author, who co-founded the Ready by 21 partnership, wondering whether this spring’s high school graduates are equipped for success at the next stage.

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  • Ready for All Destinations


    What does college and career readiness mean for students, particularly for those who plan to enter the workforce immediately after high school without first attending college? The authors are affiliated with the National Center for Educational Achievement.

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  • Gaining on the Gap


    Convinced that enrolling many more students in the most rigorous classes would narrow the learning gap, the superintendent of a suburban school district first had to deal with the expectations of teachers, parents and the students themselves.

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  • Deliberate Excellence


    The top leader of Montgomery County, Md.’s schools uses a five-stage plan for connecting students to academic attainment. It has enabled his school system to bring about intentional results in a way that doesn’t overrun the capacity of people to implement purposeful change.

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  • Partnering PreK to University


    School districts and postsecondary institutions are collaborating as part of action-oriented local partnerships that are boosting both college readiness and access. The author focuses on the particulars of several such partnerships involving districts in California.

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Profile: Walt Rulffes

    A Master Builder Coping With Declines by Paul Riede

    Walt Rulffes has spent most of his 13 years in Clark County, Nev., as a master builder, but he’s had to preside over declines in enrollment and funding in his final year before retirement.

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    Board-Savvy Superintendent

    Welcome Aboard, New Board Member by DENNIS SMITH

    A veteran superintendent’s letter to an incoming member of the board of education about the complex task and responsibilities that lie ahead.

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    Guest Column

    The Superintendency: Is It Worth It? by KIMBERLY MORITZ

    During her first year as a superintendent, the author felt the full weight of responsibility and the import of every school district decision she made, big or small. A year later, she’s located the balance she needs to succeed.

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    Can We Live Without Federal Involvement? by STEVE ATWATER

    As he looks forward to the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, this superintendent suggests we be careful the current populist sentiments of Sarah Palin and others about the role of government do not distort the repurposed law so that it limits what educators can accomplish.

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    With summer’s approach, there are plenty of superintendent comings and goings nationwide.

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    Punchback: Answering Critics

    Why Does Everyone Think CEOs Have the Answers? by DIANE RAVITCH

    Business leaders are flawed in their analysis when they push for federal and state policy that promotes competitiveness in public education. Their prescriptions won’t likely produce a better-educated citizenry, says the author of The Death and Life of the Great American School System.

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    President's Corner

    Looking Back, Leading Forward by MARK T. BIELANG

    In his final column, AASA’s president addresses the power of perspective as an organizational leader and shares his gratitude for a year of personal and professional growth.

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    Executive Perspective

    A Blueprint That Requires Our Collaboration by DANIEL A. DOMENECH

    AASA wants to facilitate a process under the Obama administration’s “Blueprint for Reform” that would enable local schools to shop for the most fitting resources and services that suit their needs.

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    AASA School Solutions

    Communicating the Same Message to All Ears Effectively by SEBASTIAN RAPPORT

    The CEO of a product, Pixetell, writes about how superintendents have used this multimedia messaging tool to explain complex topics to others.

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