Additional Resources

The following books, articles and websites can be helpful to adjunct professors in educational administration. The websites can be especially useful for integrating the standards of the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium into course descriptions.

Case Studies on Educational Administration by Theodore J. Kowalski, Longman Publishing Group, with the accompanying “Instructor’s Manual for Case Studies on Educational Administration”

School Leadership and Administration, Important Concepts, Case Studies and Simulations, by Petra E. Snowden and Richard A. Gorton, McGraw-Hill Co.

A Framework for School Leaders: Linking Standards to Practice, by Karen Hessel Holloway, Educational Testing Service

Council of Chief State School Officers. Report on “Collaborative Professional Development Process for School Leaders,”

Educational Testing Service. Registration Bulletin on “Everything You Need to Know to Register for School Leader Licensure Assessment and School Superintendent Assessment,”

Brief Overview of the School Leaders Licensure Assessment,

Missouri Professors of Educational Administration. Resources and assessment links for course activities,