Leadership Belief Statements

These statements reflect the prerequisite conditions for creating and enhancing optimal levels of organizational health. Without support and/or advocacy for these beliefs, a school system cannot be successful in implementing strategies to improve organizational health.

1. We believe all decisions should be consistent with our mission and goals, should be data based, should be anchored in sound theory and practice and should be focused on what is best for the short- and long-term interests of all students.

2. We believe all decisions should be made at the most appropriate level in the organization and should be as close to the point of implementation as possible. The competency and commitment levels of those involved will help determine the appropriate level.

3. We believe our behavior should promote and encourage empowerment throughout our organization. Empowerment should be highly individualized and be a function of their development on the dependent-independent-interdependent continuum within the context of belief statement 1.

4. We believe we have an obligation to establish and maintain cohesive interdependent teams that have a high commitment to the organization’s mission and goals.

5. We believe our behavior should promote and encourage professional autonomy and interdependence for individuals throughout the organization.

6. We believe we have an obligation to build in quality control and quality assurance strategies throughout the organization. This process will assist leaders in aligning mission, strategies, structures and systems to ensure quality control throughout the organization.

Source: Organizational Health: Diagnostic and Development Corp., www.organizationalhealth.com