Additional Resources

by Ralph Brauer
If you want to delve further into decision making using complex models, the following represent the best resources the Transforming Schools Consortium can recommend.
  • Center for Interdisciplinary Excellence in System Dynamics is the home of the modelers we worked with in building our model. They are educators at heart who work hard to expose and challenge your mental model of how a given system works.

  • Creative Learning Exchange is the major organization for applying system dynamics in elementary and secondary education. The website contains a wealth of materials, including Demo Dozen and Modeling Systems Self Taught, two programs that use simple models of issues such as paying off credit card debt to provide an excellent introduction to modeling. The exchange also holds a summer conference that is a great way to network with others interested in modeling and systems thinking.

  • Society for Organizational Learning is Peter Senge’s organization. Senge’s books, Schools That Learn, The Fifth Discipline and The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook, are essential reading for anyone concerned with systemic thinking.

  • System Dynamics Society is the best single source for university programs focusing on system dynamics. Of particular interest are the programs at MIT, the University at Albany and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.