Book Reviews

Cash Management

by Enid Beverly Jones

Reviewed by Sandra Lowery
Department Chair and Professor, Department of Secondary Education and Educational Leadership, Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Texas

Cash Management: A Financial Overview for School Administrators is a succinct overview of public school finance, presenting concepts of importance to both site-based and central-office leaders. A pragmatic blend of theoretical concepts and factual information provides readers with an excellent synopsis of public school finance.

The economics and politics of education are discussed in the context of human capital and the role of public education in the United States as an investment in human capital. Author Enid Jones, who is an associate professor of school finance at Fayetteville State University, stresses the importance of investment in human capital and its necessity for an educated, productive workforce.

The chapter on adequacy and equity provides an understanding of the two concepts so frequently debated in school finance. As more states struggle with funding issues, this subject matter is timely and useful.

Cash Management seems intended for use nationwide with information on basic school business procedures, including budgeting and financing of school facilities. The use of lay terminology and relevant examples make the book valuable both in graduate school classes on educational leadership and in the hands of practicing administrators.

(Cash Management: A Financial Overview for School Administrators, by Enid Beverley Jones, Scarecrow Press, Lanham, Md., 2001, 144 pp., $19.95 softcover)