Book Reviews

Finding Your Leadership Style: A Guide for Educators

Reviewed by
Leonard H. Elovitz
Coordinator of Graduate Programs in Educational Leadership, Kean University,
Union, N.J.

Introspection is good for the soul. It also helps one to take stock. In the case of Finding Your Leadership Style: A Guide for Educators, author Jeffrey Glanz guides school leaders through a personal needs assessment including the development of objectives for improvement and growth.

Glanz, dean of graduate programs and head of the education department at Wagner College in New York City, describes seven leadership qualities and seven virtues that educational leaders should possess. At the onset, readers are invited to complete two surveys to first determine their natural leadership qualities followed by an assessment of their natural leadership virtues.

In Part One, the Leadership Qualities are described in detail through the use of scenarios and exercises that the reader completes. The same format is followed for the leadership virtues in Part Two. Part Three provides strategies on becoming an educational leader if one possesses the qualities and virtues described.

The focus of the book is not to identify one leadership style as being better than another but to assist administrators and supervisors in maximizing their effectiveness using their natural leadership abilities. Central-office administrators would find this book a useful resource in the recruitment and retention of personnel at the district or building levels.

(Finding Your Leadership Style: A Guide for Educators by Jeffrey Glanz, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Alexandria, Va., 2002, 217 pp. with index, $29.95 softcover)