Additional Resources

School systems looking for help in addressing drug or steroid use by students might turn to the following resources:


  • National Federation of State High School Associations ( The federation’s new campaign, “Make the Right Choice,” has been promoted among its 50 state associations. The multimedia program provides DVDs, brochures and posters to help educate high school administrators, athletic directors, coaches, parents and students to the dangers of steroid use and abuse.


    The DVDs include interviews with Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Trent Green, plus the story of Taylor Hooton, a Texas high school baseball pitcher who committed suicide while reportedly suffering depression from steroid abuse.



  • Taylor Hooton Foundation for Fighting Steroid Abuse ( This non-profit clearinghouse provides information on steroids relevant to teens, supports medical research on the subject and provides educational programs to schools for combating abuse.



  • National Center for Drug Free Sport ( This organization helps school districts design and operate drug-testing programs for steroids and other performance-enhancing substances. It also has educational programs and a speakers’ bureau.



  • National Institute on Drug Abuse ( The federal institute is a good source when looking at the big picture with national statistics and reports on steroid use and abuse.



  • The Steroid Deceit: A Body Worth Dying For? The 2005 book is written by Jeff Rutstein, a former steroid user who describes his descent into abuse and the difficult struggle to recover. A cautionary tale. (