Additional Resources

Bill Mathis and Lorna Jimerson suggest these additional materials about contracting out for services at the school district level:

•  “A Guide to Contracting Out School Support Services: Good for the School? Good for the Community?” by Lorna Jimerson and William J. Mathis. This 2008 report reviews what school leaders should consider about outsourcing — hidden costs, quality control, impact on administrative time, social costs, and loss of control and restricted flexibility. Available from

•  “All Costs Considered: A Report on the Contracting Out of School Support Services in Oregon” by Gordon Lafer and Robert Bussel, Oregon School Employees Association, Salem, Ore.

•  “Outsourcing Support Services” by James A. McClure, The School Administrator, May 2000,

•  “Privatization and the Market Role of Local Government” by Amir Hefetz and Mildred Warner, December 2001, EPI Briefing Paper, Economic Policy Institute, Washington, D.C.