Additional Resources

The AASA website includes links to valuable resources on school wellness, such as a policy guide for school leaders, School Policy and Practice: Taking on Childhood Obesity.

The following websites also have been tremendously helpful to me as a superintendent throughout the process of developing and implementing a district wellness policy and in making numerous policy decisions regarding nutrition, physical activity and overall wellness.

  • Action for Healthy Kids ( A nonprofit organization that addresses the epidemic of overweight, undernourished and sedentary youth by focusing on changes within schools. Some of the most useful tools available to superintendents on the organization’s website include field reports on pertinent topics such as Ideas, Commitment, Action, Results: Model Projects Advancing the Cause of School Wellness (Spring 2007), From the Top Down: Engaging School Leaders in Creating a Healthier, More Physically Active School Environment (Winter 2007) and Tapping Into the Power: Engaging Parents in the Fight Against Childhood Obesity (Fall 2006). Also useful is the Action for Healthy Kids Wellness Policy Tool, a stepby- step guide for creating a local wellness policy.
  • School Nutrition Association ( This association of school nutrition professionals has put together a series of useful tools to help assist schools in dealing with school wellness policies. These tools are available on the association’s website.
  • Small Step ( This initiative of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services encourages Americans to take small, manageable steps toward improving their health and wellness. It features resources and a parent’s guide that can help specific audiences learn how to best incorporate small changes into their lifestyle that will lead to better health.

— Rich Abramson