Book Review

by Donna Deeprose, American Management Association, New York, N.Y., 2007, 129 pp. with index, $13.95 softcover

In her book How to Recognize and Reward Employees, Donna Deeprose provides practical ideas to assist administrators in structuring protocols for meaningful positive feedback regarding their employees’ performance. Although this book was written with the business world in mind, its tenets ring true for every sector. As a school administrator, I do believe the “happiest and most productive employees are those who enjoy doing their work and who are recognized for their accomplishments.” The best rewards are not always financial, the author contends, and for those working in education there are a variety of real-world examples that do not involve increased paychecks.

While I already have methods to recognize achievement in my district, the suggestions made in this text will assist me in furthering my plans. The book contains sample worksheets to facilitate the use of new ideas, including a guide to getting started. This guide outlines ways to involve staff in developing rewards once the author says “goals and parameters are set” by the administration. This process will ensure ownership and clarity among the organization’s employees while supporting goals.

Through this resource, administrators can work to create, Deeprose says, “a rewarding work environment and an enlightened work/life approach so that working for your school is its own reward.”

Reviewed by Stephanie Macintosh, administrator for federal funds, research and development, Sachem Central School District, Holbrook, N.Y.