Book Review

Implementing Response to Intervention

A Principal's Guide

by Susan L. Hall, Corwin Press, Thousand Oaks, Calif., 2008, 133 pp., $28.95, softcover

As education leaders, many of us feel personally responsible for those students who struggle with literacy and we search for the “magic” program of study that will assist them. At a time when principals are frequently pressured to find a solution for improving student academic success and educators cannot open a professional journal without reading an article about Response to Intervention, Implementing Response to Intervention: A Principal’s Guide by Susan L. Hall is an essential read.

Founder and president of the educational consulting and professional development company 95 Percent Group, Hall demystifies for principals and other school leaders the implementation process of a schoolwide Response to Intervention program in the area of language arts by describing the history and primary goals of RTI and presenting practical methods for implementation.

The book is divided into five chapters preceded by a fictitious case study that provides an example of a well-designed and established RTI literacy program. The format and prose style of the book are accessible, yet filled with valuable information. Reading this book is like having a personal coach guiding one through the RTI implementation process.

In subsequent chapters of the book, Hall discusses the steps needed to motivate staff members, design an assessment plan and create a data management system for an RTI program. Specific examples are given for delivering intervention instruction, including methods of grouping, scheduling, logistics, monitoring student progress and using the data collected to further improve student academic success.

Hall encourages school leaders to implement RTI for the benefit of all students. At a time when RTI has become one of the hottest buzz words in education, Implementing Response to Intervention is a user-friendly resource providing education leaders moral support and clear practical suggestions to do so.

Reviewed by Edythe B. Austermuhl, superintendent, Deerfield Township School, Rosenhayn, N.J.