Book Review

101 Facts About Bullying: What Everyone Should Know

by Meline Kevorkian and Robin D’Antona, Rowman & Littlefield Education, Lanham, Md., 2008, 176 pp. $32.95 softcover

Bullying is an issue that has plagued principals as long as there have been schools to govern. Not unique to any grade configuration or school with a specific socioeconomic status, bullying is also not confined to any one region of the country, or to the United States for that matter.

101 Facts About Bullying

Bullying has different faces than just 10 years ago, with youngsters today enjoying much greater access to electronic media and the Internet. Being aware of the bully’s new tools for victimizing others is a new obligation for educators.

Authors Meline Kevorkian and Robin D’Antona dispel the myths and display the facts about bullying. The roles of bully, victim and bystander are examined. The fact individuals from the latter two roles can become bullies also is explained along with the different bullying behaviors. While most of the bullying defined in this text, such as indirect and relational bullying, has been recognized by experienced educators for some time, cyberbullying is a relatively new phenomenon, and the authors provide detailed information about this bullying behavior.

However, what’s presented in 101 Facts About Bullying lacks a cohesive structure. It is often redundant and neglects to identify what interventions work. The authors identify some strategies that don’t work, such as attempting to use peer mediation between a bully and a victim.

In the end, what’s covered in the book could be presented at a conference before a target audience not of teachers and administrators but rather parents of young children. A copy in a PTA library would be of value.

Reviewed by Marc Space, superintendent, Putnam Valley Central School District, Putnam Valley, N.Y.