Book Review

Enhancing RTI

How to Ensure Success with Effective Classroom Instruction and Intervention

by Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey, ASCD, Alexandria, Va., 2010, 158 pp., $26.95 softcover

Every once in a while, a book comes along that can provide a template for systemic change for a school or school district.

Enhancing RTI

The two co-authors of Enhancing RTI: How to Ensure Success with Effective Classroom Instruction and Intervention have provided a guide to school improvement for both principals and superintendents to be positive forces of change to affect learning of every child.

Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey examine the integration of curriculum, instruction and assessment and clearly point out, by way of examples, how the misalignments of any of these three factors can have a major impact on student learning.

The chapters are divided into areas of core instruction, interventions, monitoring and leadership for response to intervention. The book gives examples of what RTI might look like, not only in the classroom, but from the perspective of a conversational follow-up to a teacher observation by a principal during a classroom visit.

The authors provide several templates for the reader to consider, including grade improvement plans and learning contracts. They also present models that provide added visuals for how the RTI process is different from the traditional model of teaching and learning and how the different process might be cycled in a school.

Enhancing RTI is a manifesto for principals who want to systematically improve student learning in their building or superintendents who want to do likewise at a district level.

Reviewed by Marc Space, superintendent, Putnam Valley School District, Putnam Valley, N.Y.