Advice to Job-Seeking Superintendents

Based on his hundreds of occasions on the job-seeking trail over the years, Art Stellar offers these 12 bits of counsel:

•  Come to grips with exactly what will truly motivate you or turn you off in any superintendency.

•  Don’t take yourself or the search process too seriously. In the end, being superintendent is just a job, even if it is a very important one.

•  Explore openings with a sense of adventure. You never know what traps or treasure you will discover.

•  Recognize that the search process requires some dedicated time, concentration and planning. Experiment and modify accordingly.

•  Use your best manners with everyone.

•  Understand that a great interview in one community has no currency in your next interview in another locale.

•  Build a strong track record of accomplishments. However, always be cognizant that relationships are what will mean more in the selection process.

•  Enjoy the selection process. Have some fun and think of these activities as making friends with the entire community.

•  Know that first impressions are powerful, but so is your closing sales pitch.

•  Be prepared for rejection and be resilient. 

•  Walk away for a good reason or a bad feeling.

•  Remember that there are nearly 14,000 school districts in this country. If you really want a superintendency, be persistent. Some community somewhere needs you.