Book Review

Enlighten Up!

By Lynell Burmark and Lou Fournier

Reviewed by
Sherion H. Jackson
Assistant Professor of Educational Administration, Texas A & M University, Commerce, Texas

As educators struggle with the demands of underfunded curriculum changes, state- mandated testing, limited resources, facility limitations and overcrowded classrooms, all of which are beyond common control and come with built-in stressors, educators also struggle with the effective use of the options available to control this stress.

In Enlighten Up! An Educator’s Guide to Stress-Free Living, Lynell Burmark and Lou Fournier, both trainers on stress abatement, work to give the reader life-options by taking a detailed look at resources within ourselves and the changes necessary to access those resources. While Burmark and Fournier address change and the stress associated with change in a humorous manner, their approach is research-based and down to earth as they push the reader to self-reflect and to realign life values.

Enlighten Up! describes plenty of experiences to motivate readers to reset priorities and adjust their “to do” lists.

The authors guide the reader through the self-improvement maze by reviewing the literature from past to present on change, stress and theories about understanding oneself. They challenge readers to find personal meaning in their work while striking a healthy balance.

(Enlighten Up! An Educator’s Guide to Stress-Free Living by Lynell Burmark and Lou Fournier, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Alexandria, Va., 2003, 106 pp. with index, $18.95 softcover)