Additional Resources

These books and reports, including several written or edited by Francis Duffy, address similar themes:

Creating Successful School Systems: Voices from the University, the Field and the Community, co-edited by Francis Duffy and Jack Dale, Christopher-Gordon Publishers, Norwood, Mass. A collection of essays about improving entire school systems written by various authors, including Meg Wheatley and Nancy Grasmick.

Step-Up-To-Excellence: An Innovative Approach to Managing and Rewarding Performance in School Systems by Francis Duffy, Scarecrow Education, Lanham, Md. Ideas for managing individual, team and whole-system performance in school districts.

Courage, Passion and Vision: A Guide to Leading Systemic School Improvement by Francis Duffy, ScarecrowEducation. The needed characteristics of leaders who aspire to lead whole-district change, including essays by Richard DeLorenzo, superintendent of the Chugach School District in Anchorage, Alaska; Jack Dale, superintendent in Frederick County, Md.; and Diana Lam, chief academic officer of the New York City Public Schools.

“Strategies: For School System Leaders on District-Level Change,” an issues series of the Panasonic Foundation in collaboration with AASA.

“Wellsprings of Knowledge: Building and Sustaining the Sources of Innovation” by Dorothy Leonard-Barton. Ideas that can be adapted for creating and sustaining districtwide change, available at