Additional Resources

The authors suggest these sources of information for districts interested in creating fair and accurate teacher evaluation systems.

Books and Reports

•  In Teacher Evaluation to Enhance Professional Practice, Charlotte Danielson and Thomas McGreal provide policy makers concrete examples, useful forms, and assessment tools for designing a new teacher evaluation system. Available at

• The New Teacher Project reports on the shortcomings of current evaluation systems and proposes recommendations in “The Widget Effect” report.

• Education Sector’s “Rush to Judgment: Teacher Evaluation in Public Education,” outlines several teacher evaluation initiatives that have been implemented.


• The SAS® EVAAS® for K-12, describes the value-added methodology developed by William L. Sanders, now used statewide in Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina and school districts elsewhere.

The Danielson Group, runs customized evaluation training for school districts.

CLASS, is an observational instrument developed at University of Virginia to assess classroom quality in grades K-3.

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, discusses the standards and assessment process to identify national board-certified teachers.

Operation Public Education, for more details about the framework discussed in the article.