Additional Resources

Additional Resources
The authors suggest these sources of practical information for exploring pay for performance in school districts.

School district plans
•  Austin Independent School District, Details about AISD REACH, an incentive pay pilot begun in 2008.

•  Denver Public Schools, Details about ProComp, the district’s incentive pay program, which began in 2005.

•  Houston Independent School District, Details about Houston’s ASPIRE, an incentive program started in 2008.

Battelle for Kids, Excellent resource on value-added assessment.

Center for Educator Compensation Reform, Information on designing an incentive pay program.

National Center on Performance Incentives, Research informing effective policy and practice in the area of incentive pay.

Data Quality Campaign, States working to build and use high-quality longitudinal data systems.

Teacher Advancement Program, Information about TAP

• Teacher Incentive Fund, Federal government program.