Book Review

Improving Student Learning One Principal at a Time

by Jane E. Pollock and Sharon M. Ford, ASCD, Alexandria, Va., 2009, 149 pp. with index, $25.95 softcover

As the superintendent in a rural school district, I feel the greatest impact I can have on student achievement is as the leader of the building principals. Improving Student Learning One Principal at a Time provides a schema to affect student achievement through my work with building leaders.

Improving Student Learning

Written by Jane E. Pollock, director of Learning Horizon, and Sharon M. Ford, an assistant professor at University of Colorado in Denver, the book offers a practical method to assist principals with supervising teachers.

Quite simply, a master learner schema is used to focus classroom instruction and the supervision of classroom instruction on strategies that improve learning for students.

The chapters are clearly organized in a way that makes the information easy to access. Particularly helpful are the true stories of principals using the master learner schema to assist teachers in planning effective lessons for their students and then evaluating the instruction.

Leaders of principals can use the book to help principals sharpen their supervisory skills when observing a classroom lesson.

The authors cite numerous researchers while presenting a system that seems easy to apply.

Reviewed by Linda Gray Smith, superintendent, Chillicothe R3 School District, Chillicothe, Mo.