Additional Resources


The authors suggest that readers consult the following organizations that screen instructional technology products:

* The Educational Technology Expert Panel ( panel.html). Created by the U.S. Department of Education, the expert panel evaluates educational technology programs and recommends programs that should be designated as promising or exemplary.

* North Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium (
). Links to technology literacy materials.

* enGauge (
). Helps educators more effectively plan and evaluate the use of educational technology.

* National Clearinghouse for School Reform (
). Lists computer programs for which there is evidence that reading achievement increases for students who use these products.

* The former Milken Technology Exchange (
). Reviews an additional 14 computer or Web-based programs with data on achievement gains.

* International Society for Technology in Education (
). Lists four sites for writing instruction and one for reading comprehension.

* Children's Software (
). Reviews educational software, including reading and writing programs. Education Products Information Exchange ( Helps teachers and administrators make more informed technology purchasing decisions.