Additional Resources

“Using Electronic Assessment to Measure Student Performance.” The National Governors’ Association published a January 2002 report by Randy Bennett of the Educational Testing Service about computer-based assessment. It can be accessed at

"Final Answer? Computer Testing’s Real Payoff, This District Found, Is Fast and Flexible Data" by James Coyle, Electronic School, March 2001. Accessible at

“An Overview of Computer-Based Testing” by Thanos Patelis, The College Board, April 2000. This report provides a good explanation and description of key issues. Accessible at

"Computerized Testing: More Questions Than Answers," from FairTest, an advocacy organization critical of standardized testing. Accessible at

“The Gap Between Testing and Technology in Schools” by Michael Russell and Walter Haney of Boston College’s National Board on Educational Testing and Public Policy.


The National Assessment of Educational Progress is conducting research and field tests on technology-based assessment.

The Education Commission of the States compiles useful articles and information about state activities related to computer-based testing. One article, “Smart Desktops for Teachers,” lays out numerous ways that technology can be integrated into assessment and diagnosis.

The Educational Testing Service has helpful documents that explain how computer-based testing works, what students and teachers can expect, and answers other questions. Practice questions are included.