Four Assume Places on Executive Committee

Three new members joined the AASA Executive Committee and a new president-elect took office on July 1. Biographical sketches of the four follow.

John R. Lawrence
Term: President-elect, 2002-2003

AASA member: 16 years

Currently: superintendent, Troy, Mo., July 1984 to present

Previous post: superintendent, Schuyler County R-I Public Schools, Lancaster, Mo., 1980-1984

Postsecondary education: Ed.D., University of Missouri-Columbia, 1983; Ed.S., Northeast Missouri State University, 1981; M.A., Northeast Missouri State University, 1976; B.S., Northeast Missouri State University, 1973

AASA and other activities: AASA Executive Committee, 1999-2001; AASA Executive Committee liaison to the Minority Affairs Advisory Committee, the AASA Leadership Advisory Committee and the AASA Rural/Small School Advisory Committee; Missouri State Superintendent of the Year, 1998; president, Missouri Association of School Administrators, 1998; AASA Legislative Corps; AASA Delegate Assembly, 1996-1999; presenter, AASA Federal Legislative Initiatives at the state meeting of the Texas Association of School Administrators, 2001; AASA delegate ambassador by scholarship to the British and French Ministries of Education, 2001; member, AASA Women's Caucus; member, Horace Mann League; Adjunct professor at three universities

Joan P. Kowal
Term: Executive Committee, 2002-2005

AASA member: 20 years

Currently: superintendent, Hayward, Calif., March 2001 to present

Previous post: superintendent, Palm Beach County, West Palm Beach, Fla., 1996-1999

Postsecondary education: Ed.D., Indiana University, 1986; Ed.S., Indiana University, 1976; M.S., Indiana University, 1974; B.A., Marquette University, 1969

AASA and other activities: AASA Audit Committee, 2001-present; AASA Executive Committee, 1995-1998; AASA Suburban Superintendents Committee, 1998-2001; AASA Resolutions Committee, 1990-1991, 1993-1994; AASA Women's Caucus, president, 1992-1994, member, 1984-present; National School Boards Foundation Board of Trustees, 1997-present; Florida Superintendent of the Year, 1994; Phi Delta Kappa, Educator of the Year, Palm Beach County Schools, 1998; Indiana University, School of Education, Distinguished Alumni Award, 1998; Executive Educator Executive 100, 1990, 1993

Donald B. Trombley
Term: Executive Committee, 2002-2005

AASA member: 16 years

Currently: superintendent, Corning City Schools, Painted Post, N.Y., January 1999 to present

Previous post: superintendent, Dryden, N.Y., 1988-1998

Postsecondary education: Ph.D., University of Missouri at Kansas City, 1984; M.A., University of Missouri at Kansas City, 1980; B.S., State University of New York at Plattsburgh, 1970

AASA and other activities: AASA Small/Rural Schools Advisory Committee, 1998-2001; AASA Suburban Schools Advisory Committee, 2001-2004; AASA Advisory Council for New York State Association, 2001-2004; member, AASA "Century Club," 2001; president, New York State Council of School Superintendents, 2000-2001; president, New York State Staff Development Council, 1993-1994; AASA/NSBA Joint Committee for the Development of Key Work of School Boards publication, 2000

Barbara Moore Pulliam
Term: Executive Committee, 2002-2004

AASA member: 12 years

Currently: superintendent, St. Louis Park, Minn., December 1997 to present

Previous post: associate superintendent of education and equity, Rockford, Ill., 1994 to 1997

Postsecondary education: Ed.D., Vanderbilt University, 1988; M.S., Eastern Michigan University, 1973; B.S., Western Michigan University, 1968

AASA and other activities: chair, AASA Suburban Superintendents Committee, 1999-2001; Midwest Association of School Superintendents; Advisory Board, Harvard Principals Center; Professional Development Committee, Minnesota Association of School Administrators; Vanderbilt University Alumni Association Board of Directors; Women of Achievement Award, TwinWest Chamber of Commerce; member, AASA Women’s Caucus; member, Horace Mann League; member, National Alliance of Black School Educators; AASA Executive Committee Liaison to Leadership Advisory and Conference Planning