AASA’s Resources for ESEA

AASA's Issues Department has developed a Best Practices Resource – a website to help school leaders implement the No Child Left Behind Act, the latest reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

Terri Duggan Schwartzbeck of the AASA Issues Department has searched the Internet to compile the most useful tools, resources and best practices as well as articles and organizations to help school district leaders put in place the federal law’s provisions.

The website  has the following sections:

Overall Resources. Overviews of the legislation, links to Department of Education websites about ESEA and links to Education Week articles about the legislation. This section carries information about using scientifically based research.

Adequate Yearly Progress. Includes resources for working with data and offers examples of best practices in districts improving accountability, district improvement plans, district report cards, mandated choice in failing schools and the provision of supplemental services.

• Educator Quality. Includes information on helping all teachers become highly qualified, new standards of quality for paraprofessionals and resources and best practices for district professional development plans.

• Reading. Includes resources and articles on district reading strategies for Reading First and Early Reading First and information about the federal Bilingual Education Act.

• Rural Schools. Includes information on the Rural Education Achievement Program, including steps for rural districts to receive additional funding and flexibility.

• Other. Includes resources on 21st Century Community Learning Centers, comprehensive school reform and the flexibility provisions in No Child Left Behind Act.