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Ready by 21 - Ensuring All Youth are Ready for College, Work and Life through Expanded Learning Opportunities

AASA, through our Ready by 21 partnership with the Forum for Youth Investment, are awarding a total of $125,000 to five school districts for Expanded Learning Opportunities.

Each of the five districts will receive $25,000 to work in partnership with AASA and the Forum for Youth Investment from November 2013 to September 2014 to build partnerships, capacity and structures to offer more and more varied learning opportunities to their students.

The five districts that have been selected are:

· District of Columbia Public Schools

· Boone County Schools (KY)

· Jefferson County Public Schools (KY)

· Goochland County Public Schools (VA) in partnership with Richmond Public Schools (VA)

· Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (TN)

Each district employs their own 'expanded learning' strategy:

District of Columbia Public Schools will be designing and modeling extended day programs for two middle schools.

Boone County Schools is focusing their efforts on examining the current gaps and realigning of funding, staffing, programming, and resourcing community partners to fill those gaps.

Jefferson County Public Schools is taking a summer learning-focused approach to expand learning and combat summer slide.

Goochland Public Schools and Richmond Public Schools are partnering with their community (in the form of Bridging Richmond) to take a regional approach to expanding learning opportunities for middle school students in the capital region.

Metro Nashville Public Schools is developing an enhanced data system to inventory expanded learning and out-of-school time offerings and facilitate data sharing between the district and community partners.

AASA and Ready by 21

AASA is proud to be a signature partner in the Ready by 21® National Partnership, which is led by the Forum for Youth Investment. Ready by 21 is committed to building community partnerships supporting children from birth to adulthood, in-school and out-of-school, so youth are prepared for college, work, and life by the age of 21. Ready by 21 engages schools, businesses, youth-serving agencies and government agencies to work together toward a common goal of improving youth outcomes for education, social development, health, and safety. Ready by 21 thrives on an outcomes-focused approach and the improved use/collection of data to provide education leaders the opportunity for informed data-driven decision making for districts and communities.

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How Can AASA and Ready By 21 Assist School System Leaders?

AASA and the Ready by 21 National Partnership assist school systems leaders in creating sustainable local partnerships to improve youth outcomes across a range of measures. AASA and Ready by 21 have developed tools and resources to aid school districts and communities striving to improve academic achievement, increase attendance and graduation rates, expand parental involvement, and advance overall student engagement and well-being.

AASA would like to work with you and your community to create a local Ready by 21 partnership. For technical assistance, contact Bryan Joffe,

For free, online tools and resources visit

Ready Youth: Leveraging the Power of the Gallup Student Poll

Ready Youth is a campaign that starts with a new kind of data, then uses that information to help communities catalyze solutions. The process begins with a powerful measure of youth voice: the Gallup Student Poll, which each year measures the hope, engagement and well-being of several hundred thousand young people. Rather than letting this valuable data sit on the shelf, Ready Youth uses it to ignite conversations – conversations that drive solutions. Ready Youth engages a wide array of community members in conversations to address areas of need, then generates strategies and recommendations for making immediate improvements.

School districts that use the Gallup Student Poll receive an online scorecard showing their data by school and grade. Through the Forum for Youth Investment’s partnership with Gallup, communities that participate in Ready Youth also receive a data table with the community-wide results by students’ zip code, gender, age, race/ethnicity and living arrangement. This reduces the risk of unproductive comparisons between schools, and allows for better comparisons with other youth and community data.

The Forum for Youth Investment also works with Ready Youth communities to combine poll findings with other existing data on children and youth, such as delinquency, employment and poverty rates. The result: a customized picture of a community’s young people. Leaders can see and analyze previously unconnected data in new ways, allowing them to take stock of how youth are doing in various aspects of their lives, and how they perceive themselves and their place in the community.

Join the movement to get all young people Ready by 21. To talk about how to bring Ready Youth to your community, contact Ian Faigley at (202) 207-3334 or

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