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Tag… We’re IT!!

By UrbanBlogHeaderNiquelle L. Cotton

It’s a rainy start to our AASA Urban Superintendent’s Academy for Cohort 4… Day One Do-over! We soon learn that our class is the first in 4-year cohort history to postpone class… Why? A hurricane threat, thankfully with minimal damage, thwarted a timely Session-1 kickoff… a sign that our class would be like no other! I look around the room hearing each person’s purpose statement when asked… Why are you here?! I realize history is about to take place. This cohort is packed with the most talented, diverse people that will become our future advocates, thought-leaders, and torch-blazers using intellect, data, and passion for underserved student populations. We will be adding to this current history chapter.

Reality sets in and momentum continues to rise when Dr. Sam King (Steering Committee Member at the national level for the AASA Urban Superintendents Academy in partnership with Howard University), begins with a moment of silence honoring the recent hate-crime in Pittsburgh, PA. Pittsburgh Schools’ very own Assistant Superintendent is cohort 4 member, Mr. Anthony Anderson, who provides somber highlights and then the tone changes… There’s an eerie hush when the class realizes the country as we know it has made yet another shift. Our patriarchs and matriarchs… our legacy makers, are preparing an infusion of knowledge impact. Dr. Bernadine Futrell, Director of Leadership Services, for AASA lets us know… we will make lifelong friends and colleagues relying on each other for support, and further conveys… this is a safe space for preparation. If not now… when?? Tag… We’re IT!!

Key themes surface once our AASA Urban Superintendent’s Academy “godfather and co-patriarch” Dr. Joe Hairston, former Superintendent of Baltimore County Public Schools, is honored. He shares with conviction the sense of urgency. Academy Co-founder and passionate leader, Dr. Mort Sherman, AASA Associate Executive Director, Leadership Services, would echo sentiments and mandate we must continue to be “just in time” connectors and bridge proven concepts with reality. We clearly begin to see the delicate dance between data (history) and purpose.

The day continues… We are further reminded by Dr. Morcease J. Beasley, Superintendent of Clayton County, GA & AASA –Howard Urban Superintendents Academy Cohort 3 Alumni that these shifts taking place will test the guiding principles of educators, and most assuredly those in urban district settings.

• Regardless of position, how will we make decisions that impact all children?
• How will we make sure our 3rd graders are prepared for higher levels of rigor and ensure our Gifted and Talented students are constantly being challenged?
• And how will we (for those educators steeped in the weeds…) ensure we have the board behind us?

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