Intern View: First Lessons

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Intern View: First Lessons

AASA's Fall Intern reflects on his first two weeks working with the digital communications team.

By: Roman Nikolaev, Student at Vanderbilt University, AASA Digital Comms. Intern Fall 2022

RomanFirstBlogPost2In my first two weeks with AASA, I have learned so much more than I imagined I would. This position aligns strongly with my goals and interests as an Education Studies and English double major, and has already taught me the importance of both coordination and presentation of resources and information. During the first few days of my internship, I learned about AASA’s different social media platforms, how digital content is created - and how content performance varies across platforms based on user interaction. Managing digital content through a content management system was a first for me, but with the guidance of AASA's Gayane Minasyan, I am now able to confidently navigate both the front and back ends of AASA’s digital content production. However, I learned about much more than just content creation and management in my first few weeks.



RomanFirstBlogPost3Exposure to the resources that AASA provides school administrators and superintendents made me aware of the vast importance a national organization like AASA holds for leaders in the field of education. The rich surveys and studies that AASA conducts and publishes for its members and the public are critical to the ever-growing discussions surrounding controversial topics in school districts. Many of these surveys can and should be used in coordination with broader bodies of research to address key inequities across education. With the help of AASA's Juli Valentine, I now understand how to present this research on social media platforms in a professional manner. Absorbing the vast resources that AASA has to offer in the form of webinars, reports, and even within communities has also been vital to developing my understanding of this organization’s importance.

Superintendency and school administration are not careers that I encountered often in my time as a student in the K-12 public education system. I am now aware that this is because of the enormous responsibility that comes with these positions and how much learning is constantly required. I am proud to be a part of AASA, an organization that is committed to providing accessible information and resources for the learning needs of superintendents and administrators.


I am extremely grateful for the lessons on content creation and management that I have received from my AASA mentors, what they have taught me about their organization’s role in the field of education is invaluable. I now understand the extent of the work that AASA does, and I will continue to be mindful of its values and goals in any of the social media posts I make or websites I edit.