First Impressions: An Intern's First Week at AASA

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First Impressions: An Intern's First Week at AASA

By: Kennedy Miller, student at the University of Maryland, print and digital publications intern at AASA

Kennedy Miller Profile I began at AASA as the print and digital publications summer intern this past week. As a journalism and marketing double major, this position aligned perfectly with my goals and interests. In my first few days on the job, I put my skills to work creating graphics for social media platforms and updating webpages using a content management system. The latter was a process I was unfamiliar with, yet quickly learned with the help and mentoring of Gayane Minasyan, AASA online technologies director. However, the scope of what I learned during my first week surpassed my expectations.

Like most incoming interns, I did my research on the organization prior to my first day. I familiarized myself with the website, read the mission statement, and skimmed over recent headlines and news. I understood that AASA supports superintendents and school leaders across the nation and dedicates itself to providing the highest quality public education for all students. Yet I’ll admit, I didn’t grasp the significance of AASA until I immersed myself in webinars, toolkits and recent reports. 

Developing Effective Principals webinar (blog-with text)2  

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I often thought of superintendents as the highest position in education. Growing up in the K-12 public education system, superintendents had all the answers. I recognize now that education spans far beyond the classrooms and hallways of schools. Learning is a lifelong process, not only for superintendents, but for working professionals as well. We all have room to grow, areas to develop, opportunities to change and chances to become leaders. As a young professional entering the working world, I know I have areas to improve and room to develop, and I value being a part of an organization that fosters the concept of lifelong learning. 

While I appreciate learning design principles and new technological systems during my first week, I’m most grateful for the passionate professionals at AASA who proudly taught me the importance of their organization. For every social media post I make or website I edit, I’ll understand the magnitude of the messages, the impact of the work and the overall goals of AASA.