An American Imperative: A New Vision of Public Schools

Type: Report
Topics: Curriculum & Assessment, District & School Operations, Equity, Social Emotional Learning

April 08, 2021

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AASA Learning 2025: Student-Centered, Equity-Focused, Future-Driven Education is a movement that calls for holistic redesign of the public school system by 2025.

The initiative is grounded in the foundational work of the AASA Learning 2025 National Commission, comprised of thought leaders in education, business, community and philanthropy.

What makes this report stand out is its call to action comprised of recommendations, coupled with specific action steps.

Everyone associated with a school district must take bold steps to work together as systems on behalf of the well-being, self-sufficiency and success of our students. Daniel A. Domenech, AASA Executive Director

The report affirms that leaders, teachers and learners play a role in redesigning systems, reengineering instruction and co-authoring the learning journey.

Learning 2025 Wheel

Further, core component areas are essential and must be present to address any school system and community.

These core areas include:

  • Resources
  • Culture
  • Social, Emotional and Cognitive Growth

The multi-year transition plan provides guardrails for change and simultaneous calls for the empowerment of districts and schools to enact change.


AASA Learning 2025 National Commission
Collaborate with Other Future-Driven Educational Leaders

The time for action is now. Become part of the Learning 2025 movement as a Demonstration System and take action with colleagues, plus gain access to services tailored specifically to your district's individual needs.

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