Oregon Supt. Offers Lessons We Can Draw from Connecticut Tragedy

  • Although no amount of pro or anti gun amregunt would likely have made any difference to the Amish shooting (they have an agrarian view of firearms, not tactical/combative), it always strikes me as odd that the reflexive response to Columbine-like shootings is always to focus on the *tool* used to inflict the damage.Rather than taking futile steps to further render the population naked in the face of criminal predation, how about asking how we *all* can help defuse the environment within which such terrible events occur?How about simply being nicer to each other? How much taunting, emotional bullying, ridicule, humiliation does it take for a human to 'snap' and vent themselves in bloody carnage? How about *not* engaging in such torment? How about parents stepping up and doing a better job raising civilized kids that don't act in ways that can incite violence?We do not live in a consequence-free world, and as horrific as these murders are, we must not wallow in our grieving victimhood...we can all be better people and contribute to a more peaceful society.Yet be responsibly armed in preparation for the inevitable failures, despite our best efforts...

  • Here is what we should all do...Have a sensible approach to school security http://chameleonassociates.com/blog/2012/12/countermeasures-against-school-shootings/

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