Major AASA Medicaid Victory Leads to More Funding for School Districts

by Sasha Pudelski

It is with great pleasure that I announce that AASA assisted in securing a major victory in the fight to improve Medicaid reimbursement for school districts. AASA, along with our hard-working colleagues at NAME, just learned that the U.S. Dept of Education will be formally releasing IDEA Part B final regulations tomorrow that change the parental consent requirements for Medicaid. These final regulations, which take effect on March 18, 2013, will make it considerably easier for school districts to access public benefits for Medicaid-eligible students. Moreover, as the number of Medicaid eligible students grows in states that are adopting the State Medicaid Expansion option from Obamacare, this could lead to a significant new source of funding for districts. To all the superintendents who helped AASA make this happen over the past seven years--Thank you!

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