Discover China

 K-12 Triway

Each year, AASA selects excellent U.S. school district administrators and principals to participate in the Discover China program. The delegates travel to China to visit K-12 schools, local education agencies and state education departments, to observe classes, demonstrate teaching skills and engage in a variety of activities. The program shall also provide a platform for the participants of both countries to share their experience and views on the topics of common interest, such as school administration and teaching methodology. The topics for discussions cover issues such as exchanges of teachers and students and the establishment of sister school’s relations.

The Discover China is a program jointly sponsored by AASA and Triway International Group.

View highlights from the most recent program in China, July 8-19, 2017.



 Discover china - aasa and triway
 In the summer of 2016, seven delegates from AASA, school districts and public schools attended the Discover China Program sponsored by AASA and Triway.